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Luis Suarez To Hit The Knockout Stage Soon

Uruguay has been a performing team so far, especially with some of the talented players like Luis Suarez.

Although he recently had an injury, but it is not as bad as it may seem as the player is more likely to be back in no time. He would be back soon after recovery to hit the knockout stage. Besides, Uruguay has many other talents as well to reach to the top.

The Copa America match that was held last year in Chile is certainly worth remembering. Uruguay had scored only 2 goals out of the 4 games. When Suarez is playing the game, it is indeed breathtaking to watch. The match of World Cup made Suarez score goals over England. In the first games after his suspension made him score 2-2 draw against Brazil. Thereafter he helped Cavani against Peru with a match of world club qualifiers in the month of March. Well, these results have made Uruguay keep its position in tact in the qualifying table of the World Cup. The team is waiting for Suarez to return soon and praying for his speedy recovery. Read more »


Uruguay star, Luis Suarez said he plays for the best team in the world.

The striker who just won the highest goal scorer in the La Liga, breaking the jinx of the award which has been shared between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi for seven years, insists Barcelona are the “best team in the world.”

Barca were a point ahead of Real in the standings and went to Granada at 4pm on Saturday while Real Madrid were at Deportivo in the last round of games at the La Liga. With the head-to-head record separating sides rather than goal difference, Barca’s superior record over Real this season (5-2 on aggregate) means Zinedine Zidane’s side needed a win and hoped Barca played a draw or lose to take the title.

Ahead of the game, Suarez said:

“It’s key to keep a clean sheet, we know that we have what it takes in attack.

“We can win the two titles [Barca also play Sevilla in Copa del Rey final on May 22] or lose them. Read more »

Racism In Football – Vlog #22 John Terry, Sepp Blatter, Luis Suarez, Anton Ferdinand & Sturridge

Suarez Video clip Rating: four / five


Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that the problems Luis Suarez has suffered after his race row with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra is now completely behind the player. Luis Suarez was initially alleged to have made racist remarks against Patrice Evra in the match between the two clubs at Anfield earlier in the season. The Uruguay striker was later found guilty of the offence and was given a hefty ban of eight matches. Even though the ban applied was huge, Liverpool found a way to get around the problem due to the large number of FA Cup and league cup fixtures they have to play during this period.

Now, having completed his ban, Luis Suarez is now available for selection. The player is expected to be named in the squad for the match against Manchester United in the Premier league. This match will be taking place at Old Trafford, and hence that have been suggestions that Luis Suarez would be left out of the match in order to avoid any further complications in this situation. However, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that the problem between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra is completely behind the two players right now. Football will be the centre stage in the two teams meet at Old Trafford according to Kenny Dalglish.

“I’m sure people will want to talk about Luis Suarez but he accepted his ban, served his suspension and returned against Spurs on Monday. People are already speculating on the pre-match ceremony, but from Luis’s point of view we have spoken to him and I know he will shake the hand of Patrice Evra and the other Manchester United players before the game,” Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said ahead of the match with Manchester United at Old Trafford. Liverpool face a fight to get into the top four this season.

Suarez Charged with Racism

Luis Suarez has been charged by the FA for an incident involving Manchester United’s Patrice Evra on 15 October.  The FA released a statement charging the Uruguayan with alleged “abusive and/or insulting words and/or behaviour towards Patrice Evra.”  The statement went on to say that Suarez allegedly used “a reference to the ethnic origin and/or colour and/or race” of Evra.

Since the accusations began immediately after the 1-1 draw between Manchester United and Liverpool, Suarez has categorically denied any wrongdoing. His club have offered their full support throughout the affair, and are said to be surprised at the FA’s decision to charge him. Suarez is currently expected to plead not guilty, though he did admit to calling Evra a name which his Manchester United team-mates apparently call him on a regular basis.

The exchange between the two premiership players during the match is understood to have been partly in English and partly in Spanish – causing an added complication. The FA are looking into the different meanings associated with certain words by different languages and nationalities.

These charges come at a time when racism in football is under the spotlight due to FIFA’s president Sepp Blatter’s ill-advised comments on the subject. Blatter denied that racism was a problem in football and said that although racial remarks are sometimes made on the pitch, enmities are forgotten after the game when players shake hands. Belittling the problem of racism in this manner has drawn widespread criticism from the footballing community. Among others, PFA chief Gordon Taylor has called for Blatter’s resignation.

Whatever the result of the charge, the investigation will be paid extra attention by the media. If he is found guilty Suarez risks being made an example by the FA. In this high-profile case, there is the chance that the FA will take the opportunity to show their strong stance on the issue of racism.