Luis Suarez To Hit The Knockout Stage Soon

Uruguay has been a performing team so far, especially with some of the talented players like Luis Suarez.

Although he recently had an injury, but it is not as bad as it may seem as the player is more likely to be back in no time. He would be back soon after recovery to hit the knockout stage. Besides, Uruguay has many other talents as well to reach to the top.

The Copa America match that was held last year in Chile is certainly worth remembering. Uruguay had scored only 2 goals out of the 4 games. When Suarez is playing the game, it is indeed breathtaking to watch. The match of World Cup made Suarez score goals over England. In the first games after his suspension made him score 2-2 draw against Brazil. Thereafter he helped Cavani against Peru with a match of world club qualifiers in the month of March. Well, these results have made Uruguay keep its position in tact in the qualifying table of the World Cup. The team is waiting for Suarez to return soon and praying for his speedy recovery.

Luis Suarez, who plays as a striker for Uruguayan national team moved from Liverpool to Barcelona in 2014. The striker has made around 45 goals in close to 84 games and has been the all time best goal scorers for this team. The player also scored a hat trick at Granada CF on the main day of the LA Liga season that was held in 2015 – 16. Suarez is likely to miss some part of the match, but he will surely make it to the stage soon. There is no denying that Suarez is the difference maker in Uruguay and the team definitely needs him to score a deep run as far as the Copa America Centenario is concerned. Uruguay is preparing his team to gear up to prove itself on the big stage.