Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that the problems Luis Suarez has suffered after his race row with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra is now completely behind the player. Luis Suarez was initially alleged to have made racist remarks against Patrice Evra in the match between the two clubs at Anfield earlier in the season. The Uruguay striker was later found guilty of the offence and was given a hefty ban of eight matches. Even though the ban applied was huge, Liverpool found a way to get around the problem due to the large number of FA Cup and league cup fixtures they have to play during this period.

Now, having completed his ban, Luis Suarez is now available for selection. The player is expected to be named in the squad for the match against Manchester United in the Premier league. This match will be taking place at Old Trafford, and hence that have been suggestions that Luis Suarez would be left out of the match in order to avoid any further complications in this situation. However, Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish has said that the problem between Luis Suarez and Patrice Evra is completely behind the two players right now. Football will be the centre stage in the two teams meet at Old Trafford according to Kenny Dalglish.

“I’m sure people will want to talk about Luis Suarez but he accepted his ban, served his suspension and returned against Spurs on Monday. People are already speculating on the pre-match ceremony, but from Luis’s point of view we have spoken to him and I know he will shake the hand of Patrice Evra and the other Manchester United players before the game,” Liverpool manager Kenny Dalglish said ahead of the match with Manchester United at Old Trafford. Liverpool face a fight to get into the top four this season.