Suarez Asks For Calm and Focus

Liverpool are very close to ending the 24 year wait for a league title, as they are top of the table with four matches left in the season. Luis Suarez has played a very important role in this title challenge with his 29 goals. As Liverpool head into the final few weeks of the campaign, the Uruguay superstar has claimed that the supporters and players should be calm ahead of this run in. He says that Merseyside has been full of excitement in recent weeks and this is especially grown after the 3-2 win over Manchester City.

This coupled with the 2-2 draw for city with Sunderland on Wednesday night meant that Liverpool have been given the chance to take the title if they win on their remaining matches. Only one of them is against a tough opponent – Chelsea – with all of them being against bottom of the table clubs. They will be at Norwich this weekend. It has been a favourite hunting ground for Suarez in the past. Suarez, though, says that it is very crucial that the players try to avoid the talk of a potential title since it is very soon.

Suarez did not score against city on Sunday, but he was very influential and he created the club’s opening goal.

“It’s normal for the supporters to get excited and be discussing our chances. When I’m out shopping or out with my family I bump into fans who mention it to me. I’ve told them to stay calm and not to worry. We’ll be trying our best. For the players it’s probably best if we don’t get involved in that kind of talk. Personally, I think that if I don’t watch TV, listen to the radio or read about us on the internet it’s better. I know what the situation is,” said Suarez.