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Will Suarez Injury Enable Antoine Griezmann to Shine?

Previously, there had been a publicly-voiced friction clash in between Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez, prior to the former arriving from Athletico to Camp Nou as a part of the summer deal of $133. At World Cup 2018, prior to their countries facing each other in the semi-finals, Suarez scorned when he had been asked to make a statement on the love for Uruguay nurtured by Griezmann through his friendship with Diego Godin, a captain in the Spanish capital.

Suarez had mocked saying that even though he says he is half Uruguayan, he is actually French and that he doesn’t know about what being Uruguayan is all about. Suarez claims that he doesn’t know about the effort and dedication required to be successful in football. He might have habits and develop a way of speaking. However, he cannot feel the same as they feel differently.
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