Suarez Not Worried About Media Attention

Luis Suarez is not worried about being under media’s scrutiny in Spain. He says he had been in similar situation for the last couple of years in England, where he was playing for Liverpool, and thus, has gotten used to it.

The Spanish media has been taking a lot of interest in Suarez since the time he has made his way to Barcelona earlier this summer. Firstly because he is a fantastic striker and he is supposed to add some more spark to the league in Spain and secondly because he always remains in controversies for his attitude on and off the pitch.

Suarez is currently in the middle of his ban period and thus, is not representing La Blaugrana in the La Liga, but, he has recently been allowed to take part in the training sessions of the team and the Uruguayan is feeling quite relieved after being given that permission.

Talking to a sports website the other day, the 27-year old striker said, “It hurts you to just sit outside and see the other guys going about their job. It gives you helplessness sort of feeling, but, at the end of the day, you’ve to take it on the chin.”

“I am really grateful to the FIFA officials for allowing me to start the training. It has provided me a bit of comfort.”

When asked about the pressure of the media, Suarez said, “It doesn’t bother me. Not anymore. I have been through all this during my time there in UK. So, I am fine as far as that thing is concerned. I am quite aware though that I am a part of a much bigger club now and thus, I need to be more responsible with my acts on the ground.”