Brazilian star Neymar has named Marcelo as the only Real Madrid player he wants to join Catalan giant Barcelona.

The gold Olympic medallist was interviewed by CNN where he was asked which Madrid star he would like to play in Nou Camp. Cristiano Ronaldo would be an easy guess on the lips of many, considering his Euro 2016 title win and fourth Ballon d’Or win but surely personal grouse would never let that happen. The 24-year old opted for his compatriot Marcelo.

The left back has been with Santiago Bernabeu for years now. Both stars play for Brazil and are friends.

“To play with me at Barcelona? I would pick Marcelo. Because he’s my friend,” Neymar responded.

When asked to reconsider, he insisted: “No, I’d pick Marcelo.”

Despite the personal issues, the Brazilian praised the trio of Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Karim Benzema at Real.

“They are star footballers who are also making football history. Cristiano Ronaldo for having three Ballon d’Ors [before the fourth]. Bale is also having a great season. Benzema is a great striker who I think’s a superstar. So it’s a good battle, a healthy battle which we have in the clasico.”

Neymar went on to praise teammate for helping him settle quickly upon his switch from South America to Spain.

“Not long after I arrived, it wasn’t a great moment in my career, and he was a person who helped me. He saw that I was sad, with my head down, that things weren’t going right for me.

“He told me to relax, keep going, to be happy and to play the way I know. He’s a person who I admire a lot, for him to come and tell me those things, it was something that really helped me in that moment,” Neymar recounted.