I Love Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez was born in Salto (Uruguay) on the 24th of January 1987 and was 7 years of age when moved to Montevideo, where his football career began which can be considered as the first big change in his life and that incident has paved way to several other changes in his life and career. In a

He was the middle child in a family of 7 members, which meant he have 3 elder and 3 younger siblings. With a family as big as that, it becomes obvious that they led a humble and modest life with limited financial resources which meant making certain sacrifices and compromises. Luis started to play football at the tender age of 4 when he discovered that he could run faster with a ball to chase than without it. Until the age of 14, when he was selected by National de Montevideo, he never took football so seriously. Within a year of his being a part of National de Montevideo, he was selected by the management to join the first team and the next two years saw him winning his first Uruguayan Championship at the age of 18.

However, his personal happiness could not keep pace with his professional success at that time, as his girlfriend Sofia, who is now his current wife, had moved to Barcelona from Uruguay and they had to continue a long distance relationship for a year. In spite of their personal complications Luis and Sophia did hold on strongly to each other and on getting an opportunity and offer to play in Europe, Luis grabbed it eagerly, just to be beside his lady love. This event has set his European adventures which started with his playing for Groningen in Netherlands when he was just 19 years old. Though he faced lingual barriers for his inability to converse in Dutch of English, he felt a sense of comfort with Sofia’s presence near him.

He had to face problems to adjust with the Dutch League which made him play in the second team of Groningen. But Luis’s resilience, confidence and perseverance had never let him down as he always had an undying faith upon himself that he never gave up in the face of any challenging situations. This belief of him had let him play a miraculous match which saw him score twice and win a penalty kick; though he was brought on to the game which had only 10 minutes to get over. It was hard for him to believe that he played for a first division team in the Netherlands. The sudden successful events and phases where life had taken him through; make him sometimes look down the memory lane and think about his childhood days and friends and fill his heart with pride and sense of achievement. The story continues happily when he received an unexpected phone call from one of the most prestigious European Clubs: Ajax which pushed forward his career and moved him to Amsterdam.

Luis became the proud father of a healthy daughter from Sofia, whom they called Delfi, in the year 2010. His professional life had seen him go through many challenges and the same have also seen him growing more and more successful by sometimes befriending and sometimes defeating the challenges.