Gareth Bale loved lifting and celebrating the title in front of Barcelona fans

It’s been quite a long time ago since Real Madrid has managed to lift major piece of silverware as Barcelona has recently been going through a reign dominance where the team of Luis Enrique have won just about everything.

Barcelona secured the treble as Luis Enrique’s squad experienced huge success and won all of the major titles of the 2014-15 season. They now have the task of defending all of their recently claimed trophies.

Due to this domination that Barcelona has been experiencing, it has forced Real Madrid to sit out and stand by the sidelines as they watch their rivals take up the entire spotlight.

Gareth Bale was signed for a staggering €94 million and even though the Welshman certainly has helped out Real Madrid in winning trophies, he has not been able to compete with the power of Messi and company.

There was a moment when Gareth Bale managed to stand out and this was back in April 16 of 2014 when the Welsh player picked up the ball at the 84th minute and collected it ahead of Barcelona’s Marc Bartra with an amazing burst of speed before slipping it into the net of Jose Manuel Pinto. This goal was easily one of the best of the entirety of 2014 as Bale’s change of speed was remarkable and he proved why Real Madrid was willing to splash out so much cash for him.

Bale said that he has recently been remembering those moments and explained that it was an amazing feeling as he celebrated the goal at the Mestalla Stadium in Valencia in front of Barcelona fans.

Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale expressed the joy that he felt in remembering that goal as he said: “You dream of scoring the winning goal in a cup final and to do it in the Copa del Rey against Barcelona our biggest rivals was quite surreal. At the time, I had no clue just how far off the pitch I was when I made that run for the goal’’

“I then just remember the ball going into the back of the net and going crazy in front of the Barcelona fans. They were just gesturing at me and throwing things. It was an amazing feeling.”

That goal edged the victory to Real Madrid as they sealed the title and it was a special one as it was the first one that Bale helped the Spanish club in securing but with this supremacy of Barcelona, neither Real Madrid or Bale have managed to lift any big or truly important piece of silverware in recent times.